For international payments, we accept PayPal transfers in PLN currency.

Please make payment within 7 days after placing your order, otherwise it will be canceled.

Total cost of your order is the purchase cost + shipping cost. 

Shipping cost depends from the weight of your order. It is automatically calculated in your basket.

We ship WORLDWIDE! <3

You can choose UE shipping, outside UE shipping or domestic shipping to Poland.

You also have two options: cheaper economy shipping or faster priority shipping.

Since your package goes for a really long distance, we ship it with tracking number so we can always keep an eye on it's journey to your house.

We have 3 stages of processing your order:

1. New Order - Order happily received. We're waiting for your payment now

2. Packed - We got your money, now we're packing everything up

3. Shipped - Your order is on it's way to your house

You will receive email every time your order will change it's status.