Do you ship to my country?

Yes, we ship worldwide to every place that is on the map, and that has access to the post office.

How to start shopping at GLOVESTAR?

You have to register first = click on the link (at the top of the right), and fill out the form.
Once you activate your account by clicking proper link in email, you can immediately start shopping.
Before the next shopping you just login to your account - option at the top right corner.
Now you're ready to throw to the cart all the pretty things you want to buy. Ffor each product you have tiny cart icon. Click it = you put item to the cart

Ok, I have everything in the basket, what's next?

Click on the word "cart" (on the right menu).

Make sure you have exactly what you want to buy. If not, you can now remove or add items. After each change click on "convert card". If you have exactly what you want to buy, click "place order".

Now select delivery option adequately to where you live. You can choose fast priority option or cheaper economy shipping.

Next you choose payment method - for international transactions we accept PayPal payments.

If you have any special requests, please type them into the message box under the order form.

Now go to the next step, make a quick check if everything is ok and click "go to payment".

Now you should receive email with confirmation and link to make the PayPal payment.

After making a payment your job is done and now we take care of processing your order.

You will receive email when the package will be ready and another one when it will be shipped and on it's way to your house.

Feel free to contact us with any questions anytime throughout processing your order.

Can I combine orders?

Yes, you can combine multiple orders from our store and pay one shipping cost.

To make such request please email us : glovestar@gmail.com

On the email please enter your first and last name and numbers of all orders with the information that you want to combine them.

How can I pay for my order?

PayPal is the cheapest way to make international money transfer so we use only that option.
We accept PayPal payments in PLN currency.

Do I have to be 18+ to be able to shop at Glovestar?

Nope, all you have to do is read, understand and accept our terms and conditions, and accept all of the information.

I want to buy your wonderful clothes, but I do not know how to choose the size?

In the description of each garment you have a list of sizes to choose from.
If you do not know what size will fit you best, look at the size chart.
The dimensions are the width and not the circuit, so to match the best size measure your favorite garment spread out on flat. Then compare them with the dimensions given in the size chart. If you want to know the circumference of each size, multiply given width 2 times.

Can I exchange or return your product?

If upon receipt you will find that you don't like the product (such as clothing size does not fit), you can return it or replace it. For more information go to our RETURNS section =>here.

You don't see the answear to your question?
We're constantly working on our FAQ so feel free to talk to us about your problem.
Please contact us by: glovestar@gmail.com